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Union of Municipalities of , has been approved by the decision of Council of Ministers decision numbered 2000/1461 with the title “Union of Municipalities of the East-West Thrace TRAKYAKENT” on the date of October 13th, 2020and has been executed upon its declaration in the Official Gazette with number 24244 and date November 28th, 2000.

Union of Municipalities of Thrace which is conducting cooperation works with domestic, national as well as foreign organizations in regards to the development of municipalities and municipalism, based on the Contract of Council of Europe which was accepted with the legislation numbered 4517 and positive opinions of the Ministry of Foreign Relations, is a local administration union as public legal person which conducts cooperation protocols with the local governments of the countries which are parties to the Contract of Council of Europe.

Turkey, concerning the Council of Europe, upon signing the European Framework Contract for trans-frontier cooperation between local communities and governments which was conducted on the date of May 21st, 1980 in the city of Madrid in Spain, on the date of February 4th, 1998 in the city of Strasbourg in France, titles of the legislations of Turkey and international initiatives which have been declared in the Official Gazette dated February 4th, 2000 with number 4517, on the condition that the contract dated February 1st, 2000 will only include the municipalities, villages, local authority and mukhtar unions of Turkey in regards the cooperation with the local governments of the countries which share a diplomatic relationship with Turkey, is considered to be the main mechanism of the Union of Municipalities of the Thrace.

The name Union of the Municipalities of East-West Thrace TRAKYAKENT which was the previous title of the union, has been changed to Union of the Municipalities of Thrace with Congregative Decision dated July 21st, 2020 and with the approval of Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation dated September 24th, 2020.

Union of the Municipalities of Thrace conducts works with the fellowship of the member municipalities of the union, municipalities and local governments of the countries which are parties to the Contract of Council of Europe, concerning the below given topics which are included in the Trans-Frontier Cooperation of Local Governments and Communities European Framework Contract of Council of Europe;

- Culture and Tourism,
- Education and Research,
- Economy and Employment,
- Movement and Transportation,
- Environmental and Local Planning,
- Cooperation during Natural Disasters and Emergency Situations,
- National and International Organizations.

It has the awareness that the activities which it conducts both in national and international platforms, would increase the production capacities of the member municipalities. With this basis, it aspires to become an exemplary local government union by contributing to the trans-frontier solidarity of local governments and cooperation relations.

In this age which the modern municipalism perspective is embraced, with the new generation service approach, it aims to become an allottee of the developments of the region and member municipalities.

Union of Municipalities of Thrace has the goals of expanding the service qualities and visions of the agency and member municipalities and to effectively and actively increase its recognizability,aims to provide support for the member municipalities for congresses, symposiums, workshops and many scientific works which will be held in the region with the approach of fellowship.

With the themes of;

- Regional and Sustainable Development,
- National and International Cooperation and Coordination,
- Activities of Culture and Arts,
- Educational Activities,
- Social Projects,
- Tourism,
- Media and Presentation,

By conducting the elements of internal macro plans which it has developed itself, as well as the cooperation of academics and bureaucrats of the allottee agencies, it contributes to the developments of the service qualities of the local governments.

Union of Municipalities of Thrace is sharing all the works it is continuing as a part of the active, transparent and quality administration approach for all the organizations it has conducted through the activity report which is mandatory according to the Article 56 of the Municipality Legislation numbered 5393.


As of the year 2023, Union of Municipalities of Thrace has a total of (35) member municipalities.

Number of the members of the union has reached up to (73) municipalities in the periods before the execution of the legislation numbered 6360.


Mayor of Tekirdag Metropolitan Municipality
2019 – ....
Mayor of Tekirdag Metropolitan Municipality
2014 – 2019
Op. Dr. Adem DALGIÇ
Mayor of Tekirdag Municipality
2009 – 2014
Mayor of Tekirdag Municipality
2004 – 2009
Kadir ÇEBİ
Mayor of Tekirdag Municipality
2002 – 2004
Mayor of Tekirdag Municipality
2000 – 2002