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Globalization removing all the borders of the globe, made it mandatory for information to swiftly disseminate and adapt systems to this new era. Change and development are also present in the field of education. The necessity to raise and educate individuals who are suitable for the information age which we live in, has started to become the common ground for educational policies. With the regulations made in our country in the recent years, authorities and duties of the local governments in the field of education are increased.

Education which continues its development and adaptation together with the requirements of the world and the age, is being adapted to all social and institutional structures. Local governments which is the closest system to the people amongst public services with local features, by following these change, are adapting to the digital age.

Union of Municipalities of Thrace which considers education to be one of the essential factors, is supporting its member municipalities to adapt to the digital age, and is guiding them by supporting administrations and organizations.

In this regard, Union of Municipalities of Thrace;

Educational need analysis concerning mayors, congress members and municipality employees, in accordance with the requests made by municipalities, are conducted together with relevant unit in consideration with continuous education principle.

After the trainings, using scientific techniques, by conducting impact analysis, evaluation and assessment works in accordance with the educational and informative activities, necessary regulations are being made.

Additionally, by benefiting from the universities and other agencies who are active in this field, is conducting joint activities and projects when necessary.