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With this category, it is planned that the projects, works and activities of Union of Municipalities of Thrace and its member municipalities to be disseminated to a greater extend. In this regard, it is aimed to present the services and activities conducted by our union or our member municipalities in social platforms (social media, display, google, etc.) and in everyday life, to ensure its analysis, reporting and conduct works to increase its recognizability and disseminate them to the public.

By disseminating the works of the union to the public, both with new generation and traditional methods, it is planned to conduct media and presentation works. Works are conducted in accordance with the requirements of our day, on a digital axis.

Accordingly, it is planned to organize meetings and organizations concerning press representatives in order to develop positive relationships with national and local media agencies.

Also, by identifying regional and social sensitivities, it is planned to conduct public relation works in this regard.

Works are continuing in six categories given below;

- PR Works,
- Media Planning,
- Institutional Identity Works,
- Perception Management Works,
- Efficient use of Social Media,
- Journals, Newspapers,
- Receiving Digital Measurement Software for Web Site,
- Song for Thrace