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Brand is a concept not only encompasses a business and the product of that business, but also includes a greater field. The concept of brand city however, is a topic which gained significant importance in the last years. Brand city is the process of creating an image for the city by combining all of its cultural, social, natural, historical and economical values in a unique way and marketing it. Developing the image of the city has become mandatory for many reasons such as attracting foreign investors to the city and increasing its tourism income.

Cities which aspire to become brands, are entering a branding process by increasing their economic attractiveness. Increasing the economical attractiveness requires for the city to become a brand and also, city conduct branding process in order to attract national and international investors, purchasers and tourists.

In this regard, local governments have started to emphasize more on the concept of branding and planned their works accordingly. Union of Municipalities of Thrace is guiding its member municipalities in branding by bringing the dynamics of the city together with shareholders. It contributes for local governments to become brands in gastronomy, alternative and other touristic topics and to create regional brands. In order to create joint tourism policies and establish standards, common sense and cooperation are underlined.

Concerning the regional development and infrastructure works, Union of Municipalities of Thrace which conducts its works to research and develop new city management models, by organizing events such as ;

- Seminar,
- Workshop,
- Meeting,
- Fair,
- Symposium,
- Organisation,

is contributing to the branding process of its member municipalities.